Farming Simulator 19 | Lottingen | 4K Fly Thru

Lottingen (Seasons Ready) by TuneWar 4K Fly Thru for Farming Simulator 19.

You Can Download The Map HERE

Welcome to the Lottingen

Version 0.9.9

  • Grass Painting (Now Running)

Map Info:
Here you can build your own yard or expand the existing. There is room for productions on the W3, and opposite the mill.

The map contains:

  • onions
  • carrots
  • clover
  • rye
  • Farm shop
  • Sales outlets
  • sawmill
  • Weaving
  • Gas station


  • sugar (additional mod)
  • flour (additional mod)


  • There is no BGA because everyone has their own taste, and now they are also placeable.
  • Yes, Season Mod is running on the map

I will continue to expand the map as soon as I can create pallets with GC. Planned are filling plant for milk in pitchers, cheese production, butter production, etc.

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