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Farming Simulator 19 | New Woodshire | Let’s Play Ep.1

Check out Ep.1 of my new farming simulator 19 let’s play on New Woodshire.

Welcome to Woodshire, a small town in the north of America.
On various farms, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens grow up here between mountains and forests.
The people living in Woodshire appreciate local produce, so the fields need to be cultivated and the animals fed.
In addition to agriculture, forestry is a large part of the economy in Woodshire. The large spruce and fir forests offer a lot of work for the woodcutter.

Download Link : https://farming-simulator.com/New Woodshire

Farming Simulator 19 | Groningen | 4K Fly Thru

Check out this new 4K Fly Thru of Groningen by MikeFS for Farming Simulator 19.

Download Link : http://www.modhub.us/groningen-map-v1-0-2

Welcome to Groningen.

Notes from map maker:
Here I present my card.
I worked on the map for six months.
A new version of the map with seasons is coming.
I still have a problem with the snow.

Changelog V1.0.0.2:
1. Barbed wire removed at the entrance to the fence. Season
2 added and is now ready.
3. At the entrance of the start farm. 1 garden light removed, and first a bunch of collision was removed.
4. added a bridge to Land 4.
5. Grass boundaries number of fields in.
6. XML adapted. For multiplayer mode. You now need to create 7 farms in the game.
7. A sales point has now been set up in the machine shop. To sell your vehicles.
8. Hayloft has changed. You can now also sell cardboard bales there. You can sell sheep’s wool in the shop (Jumbo).
9. Sounds are adjusted.
10. New biogas plant added to the farm.
11. Eggs can be sold in the (jumbo)

Farming Simulator 19 | Central Germany | Map Review

Check out Central Germany by txmazing map review for Farming Simulator 19.

Broadcasted live on Twitch — 13th Feb 2020 https://www.twitch.tv/brummie_farmer

Download Link : http://www.modhub.us/central-germany-v1-0-0-0

Welcome To Central Germany,

Notes from map author :
Central Germany is a map which was built purely fictional, but reminds of regions in Central Germany.

Farming Simulator 19 | Hollandscheveld | 4K Fly Thru

Check out this new Fly Thru of Hollandscheveld by Dutchfield-modding for Farning Simulator 19.

Download Link : https://farming-simulator.com/

Welcome to Hollandscheveld Drenthe the Netherlands. This map is based on the village Hollandscheveld
There are lots of grasfields and forests.
It’s a flat map so you can place your buildings almost everywhere.

There are two farms and two contract company’s and enough space to build your own farm.
The map is seasons ready.
-manure trading system.
-snow missions are added.

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